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Nadia Camukova is a very interesting case in the Geniuses world: For a long period of time Nadia claimed to be a college professor who was determined by the Brain Research Institute in Moscow to have the highest IQ in the world. Nevertheless, many doubts were raised around Nadia's claims. So who is Nadia?

Is Nadia as brilliant as Einstein? a true synonym for a genius.

As a prodigy as Brielle Milla? The wonder child that astonished the world with her brightness.

Is her IQ really 200 - as Nadia claimed with no actual proof? 

How come so many people believed her to be a genius while others were sure she is a crook?

It was reported that Nadia has taught at the Bahcesehir University in Turkey and that she can speak seven languages (Russian, English, French, several Turkish dialects, German, Arabic, and Persian) and eight Turkish dialects. 

In Turkey she became a poster girl for local genius - covered constantly by local media and presented as a Russian-Turkish genius, stating, for example, she can memorate 300 book pages in an hour due to her photographic memory as well as knowing 300 books by hear.

A conference in Turkey with Nadia as a speaker

Camukova supposedly started speaking at only 1 year old and reading and writing at the age of two. 

It was claimed that Nadia  enrolled in college and medical school before the age of 15 - characteristics which definitely put her on the child prodigy spectrum. other than that it was reported that Nadia has photographic memory and that at the age 23 she suffered a brain hemorrhage from excessive studying.

Nadia Camukova

Her father was claimed by Nadia to be a lawyer and a judge, and her mother - a neurosurgeon. It was reported that she also claimed her father to be one of Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, top advisors.

However, some doubts concerning the truthfulness of her claims were raisen, basically stating that her claims are nothing but a fraud. 

It was farther claimed that it was proven by several media outlets that her claims are false - naming her "a con artist". In those reports it is detailed that Nadia made a contract with Bahçeşehir University based on her own presentations - a contract that was immediately cancelled once her scam was understood, among other things due to the fact she did not attend her classes, did not answer students phone calls and did not handed her academic records. It is also claimed that Nadia was at the center of other several fraud cases in Turkey. 

Several media channels in Turkey reported as early as 2008 that Nadia claims are fraud. They further elaborated  that the Dagestanian Nadia parents, according to her childhood neighbours, were not scholars but common people (her father was a watchman). 

Additionally, no records from any institution were actually found naming her "World's smartest person" and not even her IQ scores.

Note: Geniuses.Club is exploring the case of Nadia Camukova and will update her page frequently based on relevant evidences. 

True or False?

More facts

Gender: Female
Started Speaking At: 1
Best Known For: It's been previously reported Camukova has the highest IQ in the world, and the talented linguist has mastered seven languages.
Father’s Occupation: Lawyer, Judge (or watchman)
Mother’s Occupation: Neurosurgeon (Doubted)
Citizen Of: Russian Federation
Nadia Camukova
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