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McKinney, Texas
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Math, baseball.
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Jaxon Cota is a child genius from McKinney, Texas.

Jaxon Cota was born in the family of custom home builder Matthew Cota and design consultant Lori Cota. When he was only 2, he already could read 15 digit numbers. His mother claims that Jaxon could read the number of the thermostat when he was on a play date with other toddlers. He later read the number off the oven that said “350”.

According to Jaxon, numbers have always stuck to him. There are many fascinating things about numbers people can learn. His genius became apparent after he took the IQ test and scored an astounding 148 points. In that test Jaxon scored above the eleventh grade in all seven subjects. Cota’s high score landed him a membership in MENSA.

When he was 11, Cota participated in math competitions. During the prestigious MathCON event he came in seventh from 45 000 students grades 5-12. Because of the hearing loss in both of his ears, Jaxon’s others senses have heightened. For example, he describes to have a very keen sense of eyesight. Cota is also able to become highly focused on tasks. His primary interests include women studies and mathematics. Cota is also passionate about geology and baseball.

In his spare time, Jaxon likes to create Rube Goldberg machines and send them down the steps of his home. He views this pastime as a metaphor for life:

You make mistakes along the way, you repair, and then at the end you already see the final result.

Despite being intelligent enough to skip a few grades and even enroll in college, Jaxon decided to stay in school and be a kid. In 2015 he entered 6th grade. The teachers devised special instructions specifically to keep Jaxon challenged.

More facts

Gender: Male
Best Known For: Having an IQ of 148
Father’s Name: Matthew Cota
Father’s Occupation: Custom home builder
Mother’s Name: Lori Cota
Mother’s Occupation: Design consultant
Resident Of: McKinney, Texas
Citizen Of: United States

Child Genius  (2015)

Jaxon Cota
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