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Brielle Milla is a child prodigy, which today works mainly with chemistry. 

As a science sensation Brielle is known for her appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In her first appearance, she successfully named every element on the periodic table. 

Nowadays Brielle is a well known Chemist and a Youtuber. 

Brielle was born on January 18, 2012 in California and is one of the famous and trending celeb who is popular for being a Chemist prodigy. As of 2021 Brielle Milla is 9 years years old and is a member of famous Chemist list.

Before fame, at the beginning of November 2015, her mother uploaded a video of her reciting the periodic table which led to an invitation from The Ellen Show after this video was going viral. A month later, Brielle was featured for the first time at the Ellen Show.


Prior to her science fame, she was in a video where she recited all the US presidents in order. 

Brielle is currently a professional YouTuber in the United States (you can see her channel here). While it seems that her parents  understood the value in public media, and therefore also support other social account for Brielle, like this one on Instagram, it will be fair to say that not a lot of energy are put in sustaining those accounts, which are not updated often. This fact is a hint for us all that it is more probable that Brielle investing her time in actual studies and science rather than being a social media celebrity.



Two Little Geniuses

Child Prodigies

The phenomenon of Child Prodigy Is highly interesting. Also it is not guaranteed that a child prodigy would become an adult genius some of the world greatest geniuses, like Leonardo Da Vinci and Mozart, were child prodigies. 

Another option is reading a comparison analysis, for example between Brielle and Ainan Celeste (notice the Articles section on this page header)

You can go through this list and get acquainted with some of the world child prodigies.

More facts

Gender: Female
Best Known For: Child Prodigy who attended the Allen Show
Hight: 5 Feet 8 Inches
Mother’s Name: Carrie Milla-Leon
Resident Of: California, USA
Citizen Of: United States
Autodidact: Yes
Predominant Hand: Right
Brielle Milla
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