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When Rich Dad meets Tony Robbins & Yuval Noah Harari
29.10.2021 Joshua Harper
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Many people just love the book Rich dad Poor dad, which is mostly known for being a great introducer to the investment world and  a guide to being financially independent. Tony Robbins is known for being this amazing straight forward guru who helps people to be who they really are, while achieving their goals and happiness. Yuval Noah Harari is a popular historian, the author of A Brief History of Humankind, known for his ability to squize tones of data into comprehensive short tales.  By doing what they do best, each one of those writers and activists expresses their genius side.

While reading Tickets To The Future Rich Club - Accumulate Assets and Achieve Financial Freedom by Adir Trabelsi, you might get the feeling the writer is a mental combination of Tony, Yuval and Robert - articulating thoughts about freedom, the economy, personal finance and the structure of future reality.  

At its core, Tickets To The Future Rich Club, is a guide to the dynamic of actual reality and the individual place and freedom within it. It also illustrates how exactly one should get to those aspiring goals - financial freedom, personal freedom and peace of mind.



Why Tickets To The Future Rich Club is brilliant?

For me, whomever/whatever that produces a huge sense in things with great ease is entitled to be described as Brilliant. Such things always generate a kind of Wow effect within me. Tickets To The Future Rich Club is doing just that, he makes sense into our overcoplex life and wraps the individual in a clear sense of belonging into this huge machine and financial machine which we call life. Such simplicity takes away a lot of black and grey shades of misunderstanding from daily life, which sets a sense of freedom into them. 

Another Great reason for reading this book is the fact that it is very helpful and straightforward in planning and executing what you really want in life. The practicality in it, which is mixed with deep but readable analysis of reality, is a blessing.

Who should read Tickets To The Future Rich Club?

My kid, Dan, just got 14. He is a brilliant and curious young man. He started asking me questions about riches. Why some people have and others don't. How do people get rich? Can he get rich? How? And so many other questions. Some of the best guides to the best journeys are actually books. So I bought him  the popular personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Before heading to the cashier, a young bookstore staff member saw me holding Rich Dad and he kindly asked for whom am I buying the book. After saying it's for my 14 years old son, he recommended me to try Tickets To The Future Rich Club. He told me he read it and that it influenced him deeply.  As I always take personal advice seriously, I bought the book. After a month or so I asked Dan what he thought of the books. His answer shocked me. Honestly. “Dad, these two books straighten my head. I know what I need to do in order to be free”. “Wow”, I replied. “Which one helped you more, What have you learned?”. “Well”, Dan said, “Tickets is deeper, I liked it more, but Rich dad is also amazing”. What can I say - Books still matter to young people… 

After Dan’s review, I read Tickets in its Kindle version. I understood his impressions from it. 

So, Who should read Tickets To The Future Rich Club? I think that every young man or woman, especially if they've read Rich Dad Poor Dad,

 but also every one who is still not financially free (most of us?). It should be mentioned that The philosophical notes in the book are also very eye opening and interesting. 


While Tickets to the future rich club can be captured solely as a guide for financial freedom, I beg a difference. After reading it and contemplating on it, I think the book is at its core - about freedom, The freedom of the individual to live their life to its fullest.  The last chapter of the book was of the greatest interest to me, a 53 year old man, which dealt with the possibility of a different future for society, a better freedom to it. This chapter is definitely not a must for the individual who wants to improve his life, but it is of great importance and the most interesting for me.

How can I read Tickets To The Future Rich Club?

Amazon is the best and fastest source for the books mentioned above. Here are quick links to shorten your journey. 

  1. Tickets To The Future Rich Club - Accumulate Assets and Achieve Financial Freedom
  2. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
  3. Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!
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