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Astrology between Poetics and Politics in the Abbasid Period: Abu al-'Ala' al-Ma'arri as Case Study
15.09.2021 Zahia Smail Salhi
Abu al Ala Al Ma Abu al Ala Al Ma'arri

It is the aim of this study to examine the astrological references in the work of Abū al-'Alā' al-Ma'arrī, an outstanding reclusive misanthropic poet who occupies a lonely eminence among the poets of the mid-Abbasid period. 

He addressed the ordinary thoughtful citizen and never put his talent at the service of politicians except when under great financial pressure, nor did he lower himself to satirize a particular rival. Throughout his life he resisted the entanglements of love and strove to keep his talent uncorrupted in order to awaken his audience to the miserable realities of life.
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