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Giordano Bruno: Martyr of Infinity
19.05.2021 Charles Ajogi
Giordano Bruno Giordano Bruno

"There is more to it than meets the eyes". This popular saying readily comes to mind when one takes on the task of analysing or evaluating a film or movie. This is because a lot of things go into the making of a film, and every choice (of word, action or costume) is made for a reason. One needs then to move from the surface in order to meticulously read what is not written and to hear what is not spoken in the film.

This work discusses a biographical drama produced in 1973 by Giuliano Montaldo, Giordano Bruno: Martyr of Infinity. The film narrates the story of Giordano Bruno from the moment of his return to Venice after his tour and visits to many European countries and his teaching career in some great universities, till his trial by the Inquisition and the eventual burning at the stake. The film is based on a 

historical fact. There was an actual Giordano Bruno who was prosecuted and executed by the Roman Inquisition because of his teachings which were considered heretical by the Catholic Church. Even though many works and articles have been published about Giordano Bruno, this movie is not based on any particular literature by a particular author.
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