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Are you passionate about Genius People in general? Maybe just about a specific one? Have a related topic you wish to publish? No problem! Feel free to send us your article manuscript and we’ll review it. If it will be sufficient - we’ll publish it and give you the appropriate credentials.

What Can You Write About?

About anything that has to do with the Genius phenomenon. Here are some examples:

  1. The 10 most forgotten Geniuses of all time
  2. China greatest Geniuses
  3. Who was John William Sidis
  4. What Does Child Prodigy Means?
  5. The Smartest man alive
  6. Einstein’s source of Genius
  7. The Greatest Medical Genius of the 20th Century
  8. What Does Genius Mean?
  9. The best IQ test ever?
  10. Is Genius Superior to AI?
  11. Could AI Figure out the Theory of Relativity single handedly?

What does Sufficient Article means?

Before handing over your manuscript, please make sure it addresses the following:

  1. Originality - We feel strongly about copyright - therefore the article should be your own. Sure, you can refer to the sources which you used, and that is even a recommended thing to do.
  2. Style - Our mission is to address the general public. Therefore, the style of the article should resemble more to a newspaper article rather than a scientific paper. It should be fun to read and easy to understand. Add photos if possible (keeping CC rules), quotes, fun facts and any other addition that will make it more appealing.
  3. Length - The more the merrier, and not less than 500 words, but try to avoid tiredness and/or repetitive clauses.

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I know how to write - but don’t have a specific topic. Can you help?

If you are a talented writer, full of curiosity and would like to freely contribute your talent, we would love to provide you with a writing topic so you could write an article that could be displayed on Geniuses. If you are interested in such activity, send us a message and share with us some information about you as well as your fields of interest and we’ll introduce you to a relevant topic.

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How else can I Contribute to Geniuses.Club content?

In Geniuses, we’re working effortlessly to curate all the information we can put our hands on that relates to geniuses: Text, Images, Videos, Articles, Interviews etc. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that there is much more to be discovered.

That’s why we are open to receive suggestions for exploring new geniuses, articles, media etc. If you would like to share such suggestions and/or information with us - feel free to do so.

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