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Surat, Gujarat, India
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Mental calculation
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I love anything and everything that has speed. When a math problem is in front of you, many processes go on in your mind. From the eye seeing the problem, the brain analyzing it and trying to solve it in the least possible time, and finally putting it on the paper or screen. Challenging the speed of this cycle is what fascinates me. Making a new record is the target, every time.

Priyanshi Somani is an Indian child prodigy best known for her mental calculation abilities. She was born in Surat, India where she resides to this day. Somani has abandoned participating in mental calculation tournaments since the 2010s and is now studying theater.

Somani's parents first discovered her calculating abilities when she was just 6 years old. They encouraged her to pursue her mathematical talent with Priyanshi's brother who also took interest in the subject.

Mental calculation carrier

 Her big success happened in 2010 when she won the 2010 Mental Calculation World Cup.  At that time she was only 11 years old and competing with mathematicians from 16 countries.  Somani managed to solve all of her tasks in just 6 minutes 28 seconds. She did it faster than any of the other 37 participants.

Apart from winning five trophies, Priyanshi was awarded two medals and a cash award of 500 euros. After her success at the Mental Calculation World Cup, Somani was selected as the Indian ambassador for World Math Day 2011.  On January 3, 2012 Priyanshi  proved her mental capabilities by setting a new world record for the fastest calculation of square roots. 




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Gender: Female
Best Known For: Mental calculator
Resident Of: Surat, India
Citizen Of: India
Awards: Mental Calculation World Cup (2010), Guinness book of world records - Mind and Memory (2014), International Champion in Malaysia (2007).
Priyanshi Somani
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