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Meet Michael Kearney - World's Youngest College Graduate
17.02.2023 Hillel Trabelsi
Child Prodigy
Michael Kearney Michael Kearney

If you think going to college in your late teens is a big deal, wait till you hear about Michael Kearney. He’s only 10 years old and already the world’s youngest college graduate!

Michael isn’t just a smart kid, he’s a cultural hero in Japan where he's set to have a book published and has endorsements lined up. He’s also pursuing his dream of becoming a TV game show host and has already had several on-camera auditions and even a speaking role in a TV movie.

Michael's intelligence has led him to get accepted to graduate school at USC to study anthropology, but the road hasn’t been easy. Americans haven’t been as supportive of Michael's intelligence as the Japanese. Kevin Kearney, Michael's dad, says: “If he was physically gifted in sports, like a tennis prodigy, there would be hundreds of places for him,” but with academics, the community tends to "come down on us.”

Michael is an inspiration in Japan
Michael is an inspiration in Japan

Michael joined Mensa, an organization for the top 2% of the population, at only four years old. At eight months old, he started reading and watching The Price is Right. His mother, Cassidy, taught him through high school and guided his college studies. She attended college classes with him, covering material ahead of time so that they were always ready for tests.

The Kearneys found U.S. society wasn’t prepared to deal with such a brilliant child, so they had to take on the task of teaching him themselves. Trained as a teacher, Cassidy used a home-study program to stay ahead of him. She even previewed the material and attended classes with him.

According to Kevin, Michael’s intelligence was misinterpreted by some professionals, who said he had ADD and should be given Ritalin. However, it turns out he had an "attention surplus" and got things faster than others. The Kearneys used education to keep him busy, and Michael wore his excellence smoothly and enjoyed the attention he got.

Michael Kearney is a truly amazing and inspirational person who has accomplished incredible things at such a young age. It's clear that with his family's support and his own dedication, there's nothing stopping him from achieving his dreams.

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