Magicians & Charlatans: Essays on Art and Culture

The Eakins Press Foundation is proud to announce the publication of Magicians & Charlatans by Jed Perl, the art critic for The New Republic. In this collection of 26 essays Perl writes with great urgency about the art scene of the past decade. The poet John Ashbery has said that For years Jed Perl has been covering the art world with tremendous empathy and unsparing accuracy. His ability to recognize the traditional forms of art behind their continual transmutation has made his an almost solitary, essential voice.The essays range from highly controversial critiques of the painter Gerhard Richter, of the art dealer Leo Castelli and of the Museum of Modern Art, to appreciations of the art of Bernini and Chardin and of the writings of Edmund Wilson and Meyer Schapiro.

$ 45.00

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