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The Life and Work of Daniel Bernoulli
14.04.2021 Joe Evans
Daniel Bernoulli Daniel Bernoulli

Have you ever noticed that the pressure produced by a centrifugal pump is usually lower when measured at the volute discharge than when measured downstream of the concentric increaser that connects the pump to the piping system? Does pressure have something to do with pipe diameter?

The work of Daniel Bernoulli explains a lot about the flow of fluids, and his work was one of the earliest examples of conservation of energy. This two part series will briefly describe the life and work of Daniel Bernoulli and provide examples of how we in the pump industry still benefit from his work in fluid dynamics.

Bernoulli’s Life & Work

Daniel Bernoulli was born in Groningen, Netherlands, in 1700 and came from a family of scientists and mathematicians. His father, John, occupied the chair of mathematics at Groningen and is remembered for his work in calculus and other mathematical areas. Unfortunately, he also had a bad side, and after losing a mathematical contest to Daniel, he kicked him out of the house. They never revived their relationship.
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