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Nyzhnyk cruises to US Open victory
08.06.2021 Elshan Moradiabadi
Illya Nyzhnyk Illya Nyzhnyk

The 2019 edition of the massive US Open took place from August 3rd to 11th in Orlando, Florida. GM ELSHAN MORIADABADI was there and chose the gruelling six-day schedule, much like eventual champion Illya Nyzhnyk. Elshan sent us a behind-the-scenes report, which naturally includes the lead-up to the Armageddon match-up that decided which American player will participate in next year's US Championship. Can you guess who qualified? | Photos: John Hartmann.

The US Open is always a special event, and it will always remain so. Why? Because it offers three different schedules to choose from — yes, in the United States you can play different schedules, which merge into one after certain rounds. The traditional one-game-a-day (9-day schedule) is on offer for those who wish to escape the brutal schedule of American events in the US — despite a vast development and improvement in conditions, double rounds are still part of the circuit of open events in the US. 

From my personal experience of the past two years, I came to the conclusion that anyone strong enough who has a shot at winning this event should choose the traditional schedule. It is not only about energy preservation — it also has both a larger and more balanced group of participants. I think GM Tarjan agrees with me on that. I had the pleasure and honour of meeting, playing and acquainting with grandmaster Tarjan in the last round of 2018 US open. That game eventually ended in a draw.
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