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A study in the life and music of Carl Maria von Weber
08.07.2021 Rex Lee Konz
Carl Maria von Weber Carl Maria von Weber

With a twofold interest in the person of Carl Maria von Weber, the writer has selected the topic "A Study in the Life and Music of Carl Maria von Weber" as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Arts in Education.Since Weber (1786-1926) lived just prior to the romantic period in the history of music, the analysis of his music, which laid the foundation for romanticism in German music, will take into consideration the musical style of that period.In this paper the writer's first interest will be in giving special attention to Weber's eight compositions for solo clarinet. They include the more popular Concertino for Clarinet and Piano, Concerto in f Minor, and Concerto in Eb Major, as well as the Seven Variations, for Clarinet and Piano and the Quintet for Clarinet and Strings. There was also a Melody for Clarinet, composed along with a Grand Duo for Piano and Clarinet. 

The final composition for solo clarinet, a concerto mentioned in his diary, has since been lost. In analyzing these works the writer will concentrate on musical interpretation, rhythm, and phrase markings, showing the relationships between Weber's clarinet compositions and his more famous romantic opera overtures.With the preparation of the research paper, it will be necessary to delve into the life and methods of the composer. This will enable the writer to fulfill his second interest of better understanding Weber's music and compiling a biography for those interested in his life.

As a result of this study and research on the composer and his music, the writer hopes to gain a new insight into the literature written expressly for the clarinet, and to gain a better understanding of a composer who lived in the period of music history that gave us many composers whose contributions to music were small and varied, but important in the development of the romantic style.Very few of the known facts of Carl Maria von Weber are organized into any readable order; therefore, the writer will enjoy the interesting task of fitting together bits of knowledge gathered from varied sources and combining this information into a condensed version of the brief life andthe musical methods of the founder of romantic music in Germany--Carl Maria von Weber.
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