The Great Violinists: Recordings from 1900-1913

This amazing collection of early violinists comes from the dawn of recorded history. Some, like the headliners mentioned in the artist listing, may be still well remembered (all three were also fine composers). Some are extremely obscure. But anyone seriously interested in the history of the violin will want to hear this collection. Joachim, who inspired Brahms and other composers, was a faded performer by 1903, but a powerful personality still comes through. Sarasate, still in his prime in the same year, is simply one of the most impressive violin virtuosi who ever recorded. Both musicians' recordings are presented complete. Others in the collection include Kreisler, Thibaud, Kubelik, Szigeti (very early, in uncharacteristic dazzling performances of Hungarian showpieces), and many lesser celebrities, most impressive among them Franz von Vécsey. Although there are similar collections available, the sound quality on this set makes it far preferable to the others. You can actually hear what is going on clearly, with minimal surface noise, even in the 1900 sides! Tully Potter's intelligent program notes are another worthwhile bonus.

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