The Conquest of Mexico

Prescott's history of Hernan Cortes, and his conquering of Mexico for the Spanish Empire in the 16th century, is a classic of historical literature. This edition unifies the seven books in a single volume. Drawing on sources given to him by Mexican authorities, plus existing histories of Cortes, Prescott presents an exhaustive narration of the conquest. He commences with an account of the culture of the Mayan peoples; crediting their hieroglyphic language, traditions and unique agricultural and architectural achievements. After these descriptions, we are taken to 1519 - the Mayan civilization under the rule of King Montezuma. The initial explorations of the Spanish around the Central American coastline are followed by skirmishes and hostilities. The Spanish mission rapidly turns from one of discovery to one of conquest after the conquistadors decide to keep Montezuma hostage; reinforcements are requested and arrive, as intense battles against the Mayans ensue...

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