The Alchemy of Human Happiness

The quest for happiness and fulfilment lies at the very heart of all human life, and in the teaching of one of the world's greatest mystical writers, Ibn 'Arabi, true happiness consists in the vision of One Reality underlying all manifestation. This is a goal within the potential of every person. In this first English translation of a core chapter from the famous Meccan Illuminations (al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya), Ibn 'Arabi comprehensively summarises all his major teachings on human perfectibility and true happiness. Using the imagery of alchemy and ascension, he gives the reader a unique insight into the spiritual journey by contrasting two ways of acquiring knowledge: the rational and the mystical. With an introduction to Islamic alchemy, the Hermetic tradition and the mysterious elixir, this book is an essential text for anyone interested in Sufism, Islamic spirituality or medieval alchemy.

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