Sunnytech Mini Steel Physics Toy
  • HOW TO PLAY---- Let the steel little guy stand on the steel cylinder base, and give it a gently push. You can let the little guy stand on only place, but please try carefully and slowly, just avoid any drop and break. It is proving the scientific theory and mesmerizing you for hours. Fair warning: it's totally addictive. Size: 80mm / 3.15 in * 130mm / 5.12in . Please measure the size with ruler instead of image the size in mind.
  • SWING TIME---- Most of material is silver steel, has a smooth surface, will not rusty and fade, always looks as good as new. The toy continued in perpetual motion for ONLY 2-3 minute due to the resistance of the air and friction.
  • CREATIVE TOYS----Two mini metal small aircraft turn around on the base through the balance bar, which will attract your attention, also to spark kid’s interest in physics and science, alleviating hyperactivity in children and development of intelligence.
  • EXCELLENT GIFT---- It continues to fascinate young and old alike with its mysterious, it can be a great gift to your families or friends. It also can be used for teaching purpose. Many of our customers comes from school, colleague, easy to install and uninstall.
  • KILL TIME& ENTERTAINING---- When you get bored and feel there is too much pressure, you can put it on your desktop, start it, quietly watching its fascinating whirl, it will be fascinating to you. It can kill time and help you relieve stress.
$ 12.99

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