Rider Kinetic Art Balance Toy
  • * SMALL EASY TO PLAY:The physics toy is made of Metal + plastic, physics balance toy's a desk toy, and you don't need much space to place physics balance toy. smooth, not easy to damage. Don't have to worry about it falling off, can be well keeping balance. There's no complicated operation, everyone can play. Sizes: 3.5 in (w)* 4.3in (H) .
  • * PHYSICAL BALANCE: The riding iron man and the base are composed of two parts. Place the rider on the base and you can play it. Gently Flick gently the Rider, and is an intriguing device that not only demonstrates pendulum motion, but also helps to show the laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy.
  • * HELP YOU RELAX: art desk decor’s a neat focal point to destress after a busy day at work. When you get bored and feel there is too much pressure, you can put it on your desktop, start art desk decor, quietly watching its fascinating swings, physics toys will be fascinating to you. desk decor can kill time and help you relieve stress.
  • *️ EDUCATIONAL IDEAL GIFT: This classic desktop toy provides you many benefits and entertainments, is suitable for various locations such as house or office, No matter what occasion it is, can be a great gift for your family or friends
  • * GURANTEE FOR YOU: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or the home decor is damaged in transit, broken, please contact us promptly.We will solve your problem promptly.
$ 15.99

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