Pure Copper Confucius Sculpture
  • Made to sit at the edge of a table or shelf to display the beauty of collaboration and balance, this symbolic piece is also the perfect gift for newlyweds or the philosophical lovers in your life
  • Product design: statue made of pure copper, can be used to increase wealth, avoid bad luck bring good luck with. It is a symbol of wealth, happiness and prosperity, and its collection value is high.
  • High quality materials: purely handmade, very strong, made from very good metal materials, durable, easy to care for, beautiful appearance, exquisite carving process, tasteless, non-toxic and harmless.
  • Suitable for any room decoration: This cool sculpture can be placed anywhere, e.g. B. in the living room, in the reading corner, at the desk, in the kitchen or in the bedroom.
  • Perfect gift: ideal for personal storage, unisex, simple design, suitable for all occasions. Sending your mother, lover, girlfriend and yourself is the best choice.
$ 128.99

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