Picasso Little Thinker
  • Pablo Picasso compared his juvenilia to Raphael's work and claimed he had spent his life learning to draw like a child. Hey, everyone has troubles. One way to forget about your troubles and make your inner child happy is to play with cool toys like the Pablo Picasso Little Thinker.
  • This plush Picasso stands approximately 11 inches tall and wears his famous striped shirt and sandals. It bears a wonderful resemblance to the great man. Bring home the Pablo Picasso Little Thinker so you can imagine him coming alive, scribbling something a napkin, and selling it for millions of dollars.
  • Our plush dolls of famous figures, politicians, artists, scientists, and philosophers are seriously cuddly. They make a great accent to any bed, bookshelf, or couch.
  • Approximately 11" tall. Comes with a removable tag with a portrait, quotes, and achievements.
$ 18.95

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