Periodic Table of Elements Vintage Drawing
  • QUALITY DESIGN: These prints will turn heads and spark conversation. They are a great add-on to any room and are guaranteed to brighten your home or office decor.
  • READY TO FRAME: You receive one 11 x 14 quality print. As you know 11 x 14 frames are a staple and may be purchased on, arts and crafts stores or retail establishments. Choose the frame that complement your decor and matches your color scheme. We leave the choice to you!
  • QUALITY PRINTING: The print is printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper for a lifetime of enjoyment.
  • ONE PRINT: You get one 11 x 14 print representative of image of the periodic table of elements. Image is unframed.
  • RECOMMENDED USES: They make a great gift for chemists, professors and scientists. Give them as a gift for Christmas, Father's Day , Mother's Day, Graduation and Birthdays. Perfect decor for chemistry lab, science laboratories, libraries and classrooms.
$ 16.00

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