MAXFOUNDRY Bookends Pair
  • ORGANISE YOUR COLLECTION EFFORTLESSLY - As avid readers ourselves, we know that a brilliant bookend can make the difference between a disorganised mess and a blissfully organised space. Our bookends provide a seamless level of organisational excellence through timeless design and stunning aesthetics. Our decorative bookends will become part of your home decor in a matter of milliseconds, and are light enough to be easily moved whenever you need to add or remove books from your shelf.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL BOOK TYPES - While other book ends on the market bend and wither against the pressure of larger books, such as textbooks. Our book stopper pair have no such issues. In fact, our ultra strong metal design means that even the heaviest and largest books will be supported with unerring excellence. Every book shelf stopper we craft is inspired by the harmony between form and function. This culminates in a book end able to support any type of book without bending or tipping over.
  • A BEAUTIFUL BOOKEND TO BEHOLD - Fantastic function needs astounding aesthetics. Books have enabled us as species to learn and grow. Hence why we implemented a tree of life design, which symbolises everlasting growth and indelible curiosity. Every branch, stem and leaf on our tree of life bookends for your home and office are laser etched to meticulous precision. Every branch symbolises a new avenue we can learn from books, and our bookends for shelves provide the perfect foundations for this.
  • DURABLE & RUST PROOF - To make sure our bookends stand the test of time, we have integrated the use of a hard-wearing, rust-proof and durable metal material. From the moment you pick up our decorative bookends, you'll be able to feel their premium nature. Akin to holding a well crafted pen, our bookend holder pair have an innate aura of quality that cannot be matched by competitors. No matter how many books or how heavy your books are, our ultra hard-wearing metal bookends are full proof.
  • STURDY BASE & NON-SLIP PADS - To make super sure that our bookshelf bookends never tip over or bend, we added another layer of engineering expertise to our book ends. A super sturdy, wide base, with a large surface area to prevent falling over, and non-slip pads to lock your book end to the surface, and stops your bookends from being pushed off a surface. These two key features add another layer of premium quality to our book ends for home, and wrap up an exquisite product package.
$ 29.99

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