Mathematician: Real Equation for Love - Reusable & Insulated Tyvek Paper Kraft Art Lunch Bag
  • Eat in style with this lunch bag made from Tyvek fabric that resembles brown Kraft paper but is tear proof and reusable due to its durability. The traditional brown paper look of this lunch bag is complemented by artwork printed against an image of a dictionary or encyclopedia page that is curated and put together in a way that the images and words on the paper complement and connect with each other.
  • Artwork: Math class is in session but don't worry there will be no tests here. What better way to express your love for food, drinks and relaxation time then this lunch bag. Yes, this is a real equation for love!
  • Measuring 10" X 8" X 4.3", the bag is large enough to fit lunch, snacks such as sandwiches, juice, fruit, yogurt and even small Tupperware. Features a Velcro closure that will keep the contents inside snug and secure.
  • Thermal insulated lining will keep your food or drink hot or cold for up to 8 hours! That translates to fresh and appetizing lunches whether you are spending the day indoors or outdoors!
  • Water resistant which means you can easily clean away spills with a damp cloth. Tyvek can also be wiped down with antibacterial wipes and bleach (10% diluted in water). Do not put in washing machine or dishwasher.
$ 22.99

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