Math Refresher for Adults

Perfect for all math students! Math Refresher for Adults is the perfect solution for anyone needing a math refresher. Excellent for home school parents who want to help their kids with math. Includes video tutorials - One for each lesson!

A Few Reasons Why You May Need This Book:

  • You have a math phobia.
  • You have forgotten most of the math that you learned.
  • You want to be able to help your kids with their homework.
  • You are re-entering the workforce.
  • You are returning to college and will be taking a math placement test.
  • You are applying for a job that requires a math competency test.
  • You are entering a medical or tech field.
  • You need to improve your math skills to advance your career.
  • You are preparing for a GED.
  • You are preparing for the SAT/PSAT.
  • You are preparing for the PRAXIS test.
  • And the list goes on...
$ 26.96

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