Lovers' Vows: A Play in Five Acts

Excerpt from Lover's Vows: A Play, in Five Acts, Performing at the Theatre Royal, Covent-Garden; From the German of Kotzebue

Independently of objeéfions to the character of the Count, the dangerous infignificance of the' y/ Butlerfi't'he original, embarralled me much. I (55171, if he was retained in the Dramatis Perfome, fomething more muft be fupplied than the author had afligned him: I fuggelted the verfes I have introduced but not being blelfed with the But ler's happy art of rhyming, I am indebted for them, except the feventh and eleventh f'ranzas in the firft of his poetic fiories, to the author of the prologue.

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