Lectures on the Theory of Elliptic Modular Functions

Translated by Arthur M. DuPre. Felix Klein's famous Erlangen program made the theory of group actions into a central part of mathematics. In the spirit of this program, Klein set out to write a grand series of books which unified many different subjects of mathematics, including number theory, geometry, complex analysis, and discrete subgroups. The first book on icosahedron and the solution of equations of the fifth degree showed closed relations between three seemingly different subjects: the symmetries of the icosahedron, the solution to fifth degree algebraic equations, and the differential equation of hypergeometric functions. It was translated into English in 1888, four years after its original German version was published in 1884. It was followed by two volumes on elliptic modular functions by Klein and Fricke and two more volumes on automorphic functions also by Klein and Fricke. These four classic books are vast generalizations of the first volume and contain the highly original works of Poincaré and Klein on automorphic forms. They have been very influential in the development of mathematics and are now available in English for the first time. These books contain many original ideas, striking examples, explicit computations, and details which are not available anywhere else. They will be very valuable references for people at all levels and allow the reader to see the unity of mathematics through the eyes of one of the most influential mathematicians with vision, Felix Klein. A publication of Higher Education Press (Beijing). Exclusive rights in North America; non-exclusive outside of North America. No distribution to mainland China unless order is received through the AMS bookstore. Online bookstore rights worldwide. All standard discounts apply.

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