Embroidered Vintage American Flag
  • ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? - Paying tribute to the American Revolution, this American Embroidered Flag is a symbol of patriotism and true American pride.
  • ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? - Weaved with our time-tested heavy duty 330D Oxford Polyester, this flag is the essence of durability, weightlessness, and agility. A double-stitched perimeter and a quadruple stitched "fly end" defines the quality of our brand’s designs.
  • ???????????????????????? & ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????? - A nod to the American Revolution, this embroidered flag features a carefully crafted tea-stain design that creates an authentic vintage look for every flag.
  • ???????????????????????????????????????????????? - Look for the Founding Fathers Flags logo to make sure it is a genuine product. We take our products very seriously and do not tolerate other companies tampering with our brand.
  • ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? - Celebrate your American Heritage with our flags!
$ 35.95

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