Elesoc STEM Physics Lab
  • This standard version physics electricity and magnetism kit should be used along with school physics textbooks;
  • More than 40 kinds of real components and tools can reproduce and realize more than 30 kinds of electrical and magnetic experiments; More than 20 chapters text illustrate various experiments in details, introduce relevant scientific achievements and applications;
  • It puts forward questions to guide students to think and explore independently;It is an excellent STEM experiment kit, especially suitable for senior high school students of Grade 10 or above as a helper to improve their learning after class;For the junior students, this kit is also the a good experiment kit to stimulate the interest of exploration;
  • Different from the previous textbook, this reference guide pays more attention to the interest and habit cultivation of stimulating students to think independently to explore the physical world;The text is illustrated, step by step, logical and informative;
  • In view of the potential safety hazards, this reference guide puts forward the warning and prevention measures.

$ 44.99

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