Don't Be A Putz Shvitzing Yiddish Coaster Gift Set

4PC cork coaster set with an original poem written by us which reads "YOUR DRINK IS SHVITZING DON'T BE A PUTZ. USE A COASTER AND AVOID THE SCHMUTZ"

Everything is funnier when you say it Yiddish. Maybe this will encourage your family and friends to actually use a coaster.

We think coasters make the perfect gift because there really isnt anyone who cant use coasters. Even if they already have some, who cant use more? And even if they are not impressed with the design you chose for them its ok, the back is plain so they can just turn it over. We have confidence in you though, we have a lot of great designs to choose from so we know you will make the right decision.

The set contains 4 identical designs as seen in the first photo. Each set comes in a clear box which you can see examples of in the last few pics

$ 19.50

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