DjuiinoStar Pricision Gyroscope
  • ★Whenever you want to start or end a conversation, you may try this gyroscope. Main advantage of our gyroscope is that ours are more stronger, not easy to be broken. Side effect of our design is that the spin axis is hollow so we cannot drill a hole on it to pass the thread. After several times of practice, one can wind the thread well.
  • ★GREAT TIME KILLER: Whenever you feel boring (shopping with your wife or your mother, waiting at airport, running for the President of USA, etc.) or when you want to have a break at work, this one is a good choice.
  • ★GOOD TEACHING TOOL: gyroscope has been used as educational toy for generations. It continues to fascinate young and old alike with its mysterious force that seems to defy gravity.
  • ★WONDERFUL GIFT: this shiny gyroscope is easy to play, easy to carry, not easy to be broken, and most importantly, it can be played almost anytime, anywhere.
  • ★RISK-FREE SERVICE: This gyroscope will be a fancy gift for those you love. We hope you will like it and we do hope you will think it worth the money spend on it. DjuiinoStar stand behind its products, buy with confidence!
$ 9.99

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