C.V. Raman : A Biography

The compelling story of a trailblazer of modern science In 1921, while on a voyage to England, Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman was amazed by the spectacular blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Seven years of research led to the Raman Effect, an explanation of the molecular diffraction of light that won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930the first non-white and first Asian to be thus honoured. Always a nationalist, Raman strove to win a place for PBI - India in the international arena by mentoring scores of students, many of whom became renowned scientists; he also organized conferences for the promotion of scientific inquiry and founded significant journals. After a long spell at the PBI - Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science and at Calcutta University, and a fruitful tenure at the PBI - Indian Institute of Science as the first PBI - Indian director, he set up the Raman Research Institute in 1948, where his legacy survives to this day. Raman was famous not only for his sharp intellect, but also for his personal charm, abundant vitality and sense of humour. This comprehensive biography details for the first time Ramans growth as an PBI - Individual, taking us through his childhood years, his relationships and his travels. Drawing on interviews, anecdotes, family history and other secondary sources, C.V. Raman gives new insights into one of the greatest minds PBI - India has produced.

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