Black Enamel Wall Cross
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: the enamel crucifix wall cross gift is incredibly built from strong enamels and finished off by hand with exotic black polished accents. 【We offer a beautiful gift box for you】
  • SPIRITUAL FORTIFICATION: the enamel cross gift features the medal of St. Benedict that acts as a strong protection of the Christian faith against temptations.
  • VERSATILE: this St. Benedict's Medal and Medal-Cross gift can be worn round the neck or carried with you as well as hung on your house walls, have it in your car for spiritual cover on the go.
  • STUDY BUILD: this giftable crucifix wall cross is made from an industrial metal alloy and a luxurious enamel plating. The encrusted enamel makes the 7-inch crucifix a thing of long-lasting spiritual beauty.
  • ST. BENEDICT PROTECTION: Whosoever wears this crucifix wall cross with unwavering devotion may expect the powerful protection and guidance of the St. Benedict throughout their homes and on their personal self.
$ 18.68

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