Artist Sketchbook Da Vinci 15" x 10"

This giant sketchbook with a landscape format is used by artists for drawing or painting as a part of their creative process. It is produced from the finest of buffalo hide for a supple feel and lasting quality, and hand dyed in sandy brown, therefore shades of colours may vary slightly from piece to piece due to the hand dyeing process.

The pattern on the leather cover is beautifully embossed on the front and back, and represents part of Leonardo da Vinci life's work, as an icon in the Art World, who made hundreds of pages of sketchbooks during his life.

It has an elastic band closure to fasten the sketchbook after use.

Inside of the sketchbook, you will find 150 sheets (300 sides) of 120 GSM premium handmade deckle paper, specially worked to create a feathered and irregular edge. The set of paper is hand stitched to the spine of the sketchbook. This adds to the antique look of this remarkable handmade sketchbook.

$ 90.00

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