Ancient Greek Cyclops Tales

The story of Odysseus’ encounter with the Cyclops Polyphemus ("Odyssey" 9.105-566) is probably the most famous of his adventures in Homer’s "Odyssey" (c. 700 BCE). In fact, Homer’s tale of the one-eyed giant proved so popular that it was retold (often in radically new ways) in many different visual, dramatic, and literary works throughout antiquity. This collection of extant Ancient Greek “Cyclopea” contains six texts by four different authors: Homer, "Odyssey" 9.105-566; Theocritus, "Idylls" 6 and 11; Callimachus, Epigram 46 Pf./G-P 3; Lucian, "Dialogues of the Sea-Gods" 1 and 2.

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