An Introduction to Number Theory

Dive into the heart of pure mathematics and learn fascinating facts that will forever change the way you experience numbers. Whether you’re a high school math student, a mathematics major, or a lifelong lover of numbers, you will gain a deeper understanding of the nature of numbers, the remarkable relationships between them, and the many branches of number theory. Within these 24 lessons taught by an award-winning mathematics professor, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of many types of numbers: natural numbers, prime numbers, integers, negative and irrational numbers, algebraic numbers, imaginary numbers, and transcendental numbers. That knowledge will give you the foundation to gain deeper insights into the branches of number theory and the complex and beautiful patterns found in the world of numbers. Professor Burger begins each lesson with a clear overview of the high-level concepts before dissecting each concept into the formulae and calculations that lies at its heart. With brain-teasers, fascinating anecdotes, and amazing demonstrations, he makes what seems like a difficult concept come alive in an imminently accessible way. Number theory, while intellectually challenging, is not something reserved for only the most die-hard mathematicians. In this course, you’ll also see how number theory affects your daily life. For example, how computers “talk” to one another through networks, how websites encrypt your credit card information to prevent theft, and even the pattern behind the routing number

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