Alexandre Dumas

Synopsis Alexandre Dumas was one of the most prolific and celebrated writers in the nineteenth century. His best-known works are historical epics richly infused with romance, intrigue, passion, suspense, and swashbuckling adventure. This collection brings together three novels that are the cornerstones of his literary legacy - The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, and The Man in the Iron Mask. Dumas excelled in the creation of heroes who are larger-than-life and whose thrilling exploits stem from their dedication to noble causes. The exotic sweep and exhilarating action of these stories are unparalleled in modern literature. Alexandre Dumas: Three Novels is part of Barnes & Noble's Library of Essential Writers. Each title in the series presents the finest works - complete and unabridged - from one of the greatest writers in literature in magnificent, elegantly designed hard-back editions. Every volume also includes an original introduction that provides the reader with enlightening information on the writer's life and works.

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