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Why did Parimarjan Negi quit chess?
29.07.2021 Yuanling Yuan
Parimarjan Negi Parimarjan Negi

He was a child prodigy, a rising star, the future of chess. He grew up breaking one record after another and was the source of his nation’s pride. He loved the game. Yet, at a certain point he quietly stepped away from the spotlight. He stopped climbing the Mount Everest. With the same pair of hands that used to send pieces flying across 64 squares in one-minute bullet, he pushed open the heavy metallic gates of the Stanford University that stood before him. Why did Parimarjan Negi quit chess? Yuanling Yuan for Chess Life tells you why.

Gateway to the Ivy League

On Stanford’s campus resides a grandmaster who played chess professionally for many years before calling it quits. GM Parimarjan Negi (Stanford, class of 2018) was India’s most promising child prodigy, being the second youngest player to be crowned grandmaster. Negi grew up focusing on chess, and with his early displays of talent, had planned to make a career out of it all along. Upon the completion of his high school studies, which in his case were quite lenient and not very time consuming, Negi was rated around 2650 FIDE and ranked in the top 100 in the world. His goal was to break the top 20.
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