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Scientific Papers of Ettore Majorana - A new expanded edition
28.04.2021 L. CIFARELLI
Ettore Majorana Ettore Majorana

A new volume, edited by Luisa Cifarelli and jointly published by the Italian Physical Society and Springer, presents in full the work of the Italian theoretical physicist Ettore Majorana and explains its impacts, which is still being felt.

This volume is the third edition of the scientific papers of Majorana under the initiative of the Italian Physical Society. The first, titled "Ettore Majorana Scientific Papers – On occasion of the centenary of the birth", edited by Giuseppe Franco Bassani and the Council of the Italian Physical Society, appeared in 2006 (SIF-Springer). This first edition contained, both in their original Italian version and in their English translation, all the articles of Majorana (which are only about ten), duly commented. The second edition, titled "Ettore Majorana Scientific Papers – 80 years after Majorana's disappearance", was published in 2018 (SIF), with the same contents. Both editions are sold out and got out of print.
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