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Autistic twins Flo and Kay Lyman showcase savant memory skills
28.12.2022 Hillel Trabelsi
Daniel Tammet Daniel TammetKim Peek Kim PeekFlo and Kay Lyman Flo and Kay Lyman

Autistic twins Flo and Kay Lyman are truly extraordinary individuals. They are the only known female autistic savant twins in the world, and they possess a range of impressive abilities that stem from their savant syndrome. Savant syndrome is a rare condition in which individuals with developmental disorders, often autism, exhibit extraordinary abilities that far exceed their expected levels of ability. In the case of Flo and Kay, they have prodigious memories for facts and dates, and they are able to compute the day of the week for any given date - past or present.

According to Dr. David Holmes, the twins' well-ordered minds are reflected in their well-ordered lives. The more they can create order, the more secure they feel. This love of order and routine is a common characteristic of individuals with autism. Despite their challenges, Flo and Kay are bubbly and sociable, and they have a deep love for music. They enjoy going to concerts and laughing with their friends, and they do not fit the typical stereotype of individuals with autism.

At the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute, Dr. Nancy Isenberg uses the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) to assess the twins. She asks them questions about their friendships and emotions, and observes their body language to gain a better understanding of their abilities and challenges.

The twins' memory skills are truly remarkable. For any given day of their lives, they can remember what the weather was like and even what they had for breakfast. Their prodigious memory feats do not seem to match up with the recent theory that savants might be using "simple tricks" employed by magicians to perform their calculations. Instead, their abilities seem to be genuine and truly extraordinary.

Over the years, Flo and Kay have developed a strong fascination with television personality Dick Clark. They have memorized every question and answer from every episode of their favorite game show, as well as the colors of the suits worn by Clark. They have even kept carefully coded charts on the game, marking down every clue used, every mistake buzzed, and every color of suit worn by their idol.

In 1996, when the $100,000 Pyramid was canceled, the twins went through a personal crisis. However, they were able to recover thanks in part to their relationship with Clark. The television legend had become a personal hero to the twins, and he made a point of contacting them every year on their birthday and sending them cards. When Clark suffered a stroke in 2004, Flo and Kay were devastated. They even set up a small shrine in their bedroom, praying for his recovery.

Despite his own health challenges, Clark remained a supportive and caring friend to the twins. He comforted them when they were in need, and he encouraged them to keep going and remember that their loved ones who had passed away were watching over them from heaven. The twins' younger sister, who had been their guardian for much of their adult lives, had passed away suddenly of a heart attack, and Clark's words of comfort meant a great deal to them.

The twins' love for Clark is just one example of their deep connections to the world around them. They have a near-encyclopedic memory for musicians and album release dates, and they are always eager to learn more about the world and the people in it. Despite their challenges, Flo and Kay have touched the lives of many people with their extraordinary abilities and their warm, loving personalities.


In conclusion, Flo and Kay Lyman are truly remarkable individuals who have overcome many challenges to achieve their extraordinary abilities. Their savant memory skills and calendrical calculation are truly impressive, and their passion for music and dedication to their hero, Dick Clark, are inspiring. While living with autism can be difficult and the twins have faced many challenges in their lives, their positivity and zest for life are truly remarkable. It is important to recognize and celebrate the unique abilities and strengths of those on the autism spectrum, and to provide support and understanding for those who may face challenges in their daily lives. The story of Flo and Kay Lyman is a testament to the resilience and determination of the human spirit, and serves as a reminder of the incredible potential within all of us.

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