The Letters and Dispatches of John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough Volume 3

Precautions against the King of Sweden - Design of the Enemy to relieve Dendermonde Disputes in the Council of State - Preliminaries to the Avocatoire Trade between England and Flandem - Duchess d'arem berg - Confiseatione - Recapit alation of Events to Prince Eugene - Purchase of confiscated Property - Repair of Roads about Menin - Progress of the Siege of Menin Covering Army for the Siege - Transmits Commissions signed and sealed - Appointments by the Duke of Anjou - The Marquis of Westerloo and M. Hop-sudden Death of Mr. Methuen at Lisbon - Attentions to the States of Flanders - Proceedings in Spain - Engage ments to Persons in Ofice - Capture of Quartermaster General Cadogan - Intercession for the Sieur Caden Removal of Mr. Stepney to Brussels.

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