The Inspiring Life of Abdus Salam

The inspiring Life of Abdus Salam tells the romantic story of the rise of Nobel Prize- winner Abdus Salam from the backyards of Jhang, Pakistan, to a dominant position in the twentieth century physics. Told with deep insight and compassion, it is a story which will captivate and move the reader. Mujahid Kamran introduces us to a youth of extraordinary caliber who sped through school and Cambridge University, a young theoretical physicist who came close to winning the Nobel Prize in 1957, and a dominant figure in physics who contributed to research at the highest level for four decades. Driven by extraordinary talent, energy and his powerful and profound worldview, Salam established the Department of Theoretical Physics at Imperial College, London, and the International enter for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) at Trieste, Italy-the latter to check brain drain among physicists of Third World by helping them survive as physicists in their home countries

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