Sunnytech Mini Hot Live Steam Engine
  • UNIQUE STYLING ---- This is a Mini hot live steam engine, It's small size. Vertical modeling, design dignified retro, exquisite workmanship. By heating the small boiler, it can run normally. It is a high-end handicraft that is collected and appreciated.
  • EXTREMLY FINE CRAFTED ---- Full brass made of boiler, the bracket is made of 304 stainless steel. high quality and durable. exquisite design. Fine grinding body, perfect gift for children.
  • EASY OPERATION ---- Open the brass boiler, and inject the water to be 2/3 volume, leave another 1/3 volume for the steam; Fill the alcohol burner with your 95% alcohol (we recommend this fuel) and light it. After about 2 minutes of heating to the brass boiler, you would see steam coming out from the air outlet, then pull the flywheel and the flywheel will run madly.
  • MORE YOU NEED TO READ BEFORE YOU BUY IT---- There are two steam holes in the middle stand base which connect the the steam can go through that holes to the cylinder and drive the engine. In the beginning of the engine running, some water will be push out by steam from this steam holes. and some water will spray out with steam from the gas outlet in the top of the middle stand base as bellow pictures showed below. You can suck the water by tissue paper.
  • PRIORITY GIFT OPTION FOR MANY APPLICATIONS----It is an amazing and fantastic product at this price. Its elegant gift package makes it spruce up and presentable. It has a wide range of application as, great gift for Kids' science project, Physical/mechanical learning, teacher’s Demo props on the class, birthday gift for friends, families, parents, kids, etc. Many of our customers come from school, colleague, etc.
$ 69.99

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