Stratego Waterloo
  • 200 years ago, Napoleon was beaten by Wellington and Blucher at Waterloo; Now you can now refight that battle; maybe with a different outcome!
  • Play the Basic, Standard or Expert version of the game for a wide variety of action and suspense
  • Battle to sever your opponent's lines of retreat and win!
  • 2 Players, Ages 12 & Up
  • Contents: 1 Game Board, 47 Blue, 45 Red, 13 Black pieces, 1 Battle die, 2 Hill, 2 Mud, 3 Building tiles, 15 Maneuver and 6 Line of Retreat Cards, 12 Weakened Blocks, 6 Building counters, 3 Ownership flags, 1 Turn Counter and rules
$ 53.99

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