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I have been a deep thinker for as long as I can remember. I would continually question existence, identity, reality, ethics, politics, religion, metaphysics and everything in between.

I’ve always found it fascinating to entertain those thoughts, but for the most part, could never share it with others as it can come off strange and intense to many who are not on the same ‘wavelength’. Sound familiar? Realising that not a lot of others might think in the same exploratory way as me, I decided to look elsewhere to see if other thinkers of the past thought or shared similar ideas.

Aristotle, Plato, Descartes to name a few; they all shared such a wise and unique way of thinking, with the continuous pursuit to challenge conventional knowledge and thought processes. Many of these philosophers were strong believers that you should always question everything. They believed that for one to become fully realised you must first begin to look inside and reflect on yourself and your thoughts.

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