Self Correcting Math Palette
  • FUN LEARNING: Learning Wrap-Ups presents 1st Grade Math Learning Palette 2 Base Center Kit! Includes 2 Learning Palette Bases, 6 curriculum packs with 12 cards each, 864 questions & answers, & box.
  • COVERED CONCEPTS: Numbers 0-100, Money, Simple Fractions, Addition & Subtraction with sums and differences through 18, Algebra Concepts, Geometry & Measurement, and Probability & Statistics.
  • UNIQUE WAY TO LEARN: Use this kit as a learning tool for students of all ages. This base can be used with all Learning Palette cards to help kids learn many different subjects year after year.
  • PRACTICE ADDS UP: The Learning Palette Base is a perfect way to get each child involved in the learning process. Boys and girls can better their skills as they practice.
  • DYNAMIC EDUCATION: The Learning Palette Base is a self-correcting, multisensory, & fun way to learn! It provides instructors immediate feedback. Children, parents, & teachers love this teaching tool.
$ 84.99

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