Jan Žižka, the Hussite

A comparison between him and the other great Southern Czechs would show us how much of the original Zizka remained in the man as he IS known to us from history. The poor Southern Bohemian land, with the lazy swell of its peaceful downs and changing wooded hills and dales, with its green meadows and gleaming ponds, offers no broad vistas and affords no easy liveli hood. It compels its children to turn their thoughts to the great questions of life, and the spark of intuition flashes but slowly, though its light is deep and steady. In that small, self contained world no man recks of life's headlong rush elsewhere, but is soberly content with the restful contemplation begotten of concentrated purpose. Life flows like a quiet, deep stream, and the convictions to which it gives birth are deep-anchored in the soul and defy swift change. A man reared there will defend his material and moral possessions to his last breath and will not lightly give up his rights.

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