Hermetic Seal of Light Pendant Necklace
  • Material: Made of High quality stainless steel. It is hypo allergenic and will never tarnish, discolor or rust.
  • Size: Pendant is 2.2 cm ( 0.87 inch ). TIPS: Manual measuring permissible error.
  • This mysterious symbol has been called “The Philosopher's Stone” or simply the “Circle squared” and is a geometric structure found in many ancient alchemical diagrams and mystical texts. The name of “The Philopher's stone” refers to the sacred quest of the alchemists: To take the chaotic elements of this world and from them forge a material of perfect balance. The Philosopher's stone represented the key to enlightenment, immortality, and transcendence. Many symbols are found within the geome
  • Many symbols are found within the geometry of this amulet: The triangle representing the holy trinity, the square representing the material elements, and the circle representing the cosmos. These symbols are also seen to represent the three principles of Hermetic magic: Alchemy, the science of the material, Astrology, the science of the cosmos, and Theurgy, the science of the spirits.
  • This items will come to you nicely packed in a velvet bag, which is strictly protected from any damage during transportation.
$ 12.98

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