ENNBOM Desk Bells Hand Bells 8 Notes Music Bells Percussion Instrument Musical Teaching Chromatic
  • ♪VISUAL DEVELOPMENT♪ Bright colors stimulate children's visual development.This is a 8 notes colorful desk bells set and have timbre code.
  • ♪HEARING TRAINING♪ Inspire children's love and talent for music during playing.
  • ♪PARENT-CHILD INTERACTION♪ Parents can play with their children and cultivate feelings.Desk Bells Set is not only suitable for parents but also suitable for children ,kids, students,beginners.
  • ♪HAND-EYE COORDINATION♪ Exercise your child's hand-eye coordination and physical flexibility during playing.
  • ♪SIZE♪ Height:About 3.93inches(10cm) Diameter:About 3.14inches(8cm) Material: Metal (bell) + plastic (If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.)Trademark Serial Number:88752016
$ 37.99

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