English Tactics: Chess Opening Combinations and Checkmates

This English Tactics chess book gives you 500 positions from actual English Opening 1.c4 games that use combinations and checkmates. This opening has many tactical ideas to help you win. Check it out. The English 1.c4 e5 is a Sicilian Defence 1.e4 c5 with the colors reversed. White has an extra tempo in the English. If Black aims for Indian Defenses 1.c4 Nf6, White may force only the preferred move orders. If Black prepares for a Queens Gambit position with 1.c4 e6 (and 2…d5), White can play an early d4 or delay it. When Black plays the Symmetrical 1.c4 c5, White strikes first. The Reti Opening 1.Nf3 may transpose to the English after a later c2-c4 move. 

$ 18.99

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