Axis Scientific Human Brain Model

With this regional brain from Axis Scientific, it's easy to identify the various structures and regions of the brain, as well as what their purpose is. The colorful brain model helps shed some light on the way the human brain functions. This hand-painted and numbered model comes in 2 separate pieces, resting together in a cradle style base. This allows for a detailed study of the structures of the left and right brain individually. Using the included key, one can identify; - First somatic motor area - First somatic sensory area - Visual area - Auditory area - Motor speech area - Writing area - Auditory speech area - Visual speech area The various nerves of the medulla oblongata are also identifiable, as are the major structures of the brain like the lobes and cerebellum. This line of products was designed by and for medical professionals, using only the finest materials to craft each model. Includes a cradle style base. Made by Axis Scientific. Measures 6x5.5x5.5 inches. Weighs 1.5 lb., with base 3lbs.

$ 118.99

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